Virtual Stopwatch Pro 2.13a

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    Windows 98 SE

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    January 30, 2022

  • "Customizable stopwatch with clock, alarm and countdown"

Virtual Stopwatch Pro is an easy-to-use stopwatch that also integrates additional functions such as a clock, a countdown module and a customizable alarm. When counting periods the accuracy is maximum regardless of whether you choose digital or analog mode.

This option is not the only one that can be selected, as Virtual Stopwatch Pro also allows you to define various aspects of the stopwatch, both visual and functional. The hundredths are covered by the program when timing and counting down, so all postings will be one hundred percent accurate. On the other hand, the clock is able to say the current time aloud.

Virtual Stopwatch Pro has an alarm that you can program by choosing the message that will appear on the screen or the application that will be executed. It is also possible to choose a sound file in WAV format that will sound when the custom alarm is activated.

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